Time, Quality and Price for your vehicle wrap

Time, quality and price, these are 3 main components that we all ask ourselves when we are looking to purchase a good or service. These components determine what is important to us, is quality the most important? Or is price more important to you? Or maybe its neither of those, your in a time crunch and you will go with the good or service that you can get the fastest. Whichever is important to you determines who you purchase from. In our business we deal with this a lot, lots of clients we deal with are more worried with quality, others have a tight budget and are looking for the best price. Then there are those who value time as their main concern. All these components are important and have different values to each and every person. So how do we determine which type of client is which? 

 Lets break down each component and the mannerisms of each client to help determine what component is most important to them 


Time is money. The more time spent on research and price shopping, the more money you are wasting. It's not money directly out of your bank account, it’s the money you would have been making if you weren't spending so much time searching. My opinion is before you even start to search write down your ideal price you want to pay for an item or service and know what you want. So many clients don’t know what they actually want so they come in with lost of questions and ideas and we end up going back and forth with them sometimes from a week to 3 months. So know what you want, take the time and really think about what you want and write it down so when you are "shopping around" you can eliminate potentials easier. Then you will save some time and money.

Time is also important because if you decide you need a product or service in 3 days, you have to find a business that can make it happen. But doing so, you may have to sacrifice, quality, service and pay more. Time can also affect you in the way of finding a business that you really like and want to work with but they can't fit you in right away because they already have clients ahead of you. This is important to remember because communication is crucial in "time" because no one is just sitting around for your one phone call. If that was the way businesses worked, none of them would be profitable. We are all busy and manage our time differently, so knowing what you want and following through on your end is important. Yes, or no is a 5 second phone call or e-mail that we can all fit in.  

Why spend so much more time and energy when it is not needed. Now if you aren't in a rush this will work great for you, but if you have a deadline and they cant make it, you will have to search for another option. Again wasting more time and money. Be clear in the beginning and the process will move a whole lot quicker. On the business end, document everything so in case the client forgets you have accounted each conversation, note and can show them if they get confused or forget what they asked for originally. I can not reiterate this enough because we are all a bit indecisive at times and forget what we say or do because we have a million things going on in our head. Because there is not enough time in the day, this makes time worth more.So from my experience "Time" clients mannerisms include: impatient, patient, indecisive, and decisive. 

The Wrap Lab Nashville Wrap Quality


Quality, equals more. When you start talking about "quality" you usually run into "more". More expensive, more time consuming. Quality is important to most clients, because they want to know that their money is worth their time and investment. Personally if I really want something that is quality, I have the patience to save for it. If I can't get the quality, I will not purchase the product or service. I will not sacrifice quality, but that’s me personally.

For some clients, quality is last on their list, they rather save a couple dollars then get a better quality product or service. Clients with smaller budgets don't have to sacrifice "quality" yet they often do because they don’t know what all their options are. That's why knowing what you want and being clear in what you want and what your budget is can make it easier for businesses to be more accommodating and helpful. You don’t ask, how are we to know? Ask the right questions and you will get the answers you are looking for. Not all businesses value accommodating clients that are on a tight budget that want a quality product. This can make it harder for a client to decide and can also discourage them.

Quality is worth it, because in the end quality services and products last longer. Thus, saving you time and money. Buying a product or service that isn't quality will result in it being replaced or repaired a whole lot sooner. Costing more money in the long run. So don’t sacrifice "quality" in the beginning. Look at the big picture, do I want to save some money right now, or do I want to spend more money now so that I don’t have to spend more money to replace it later? From my experience "Quality" client mannerisms include: bargain shoppers, serious shoppers, patience, knowledgeable, particular. 


Price is important, its the amount of money you will spend, so knowing what you want to spend is important. Before you go shopping, do your homework on what the average price is for what you want. Going in blind is not a good bargaining tool. A lot of businesses and people will take advantage of clients that don't know the average or going price for what they are looking for. So they will then sacrifice quality and time dealing with the wrong businesses. This goes back to "time" don't waste your time, manage your time and know what your dealing with before you go shopping. Price can be really important to some clients because they have a strict budget, others price is not an issue.

Each clients needs are just as important as the next. Whether they are spending $100 or $5,000. Each client deserves the same quality service and attention. So in my experience price can be the deciding factor or its not. "Price" client mannerisms include: Impatient, needy, knowledgeable, particular, bargain hunters ( price hoppers), indecisive to decisive. 

 So in conclusion, these components all work hand and hand in the way we decide what we purchase and what's most important to us. We all determine quality, price and time in our own way. What's most important to you helps you decide what's best for you. But for me Time is money, time wasted is money not well spent. Quality deserves to be more, because it will outlast the rest. Price matters, know what you want and what you want to spend and stick with it. If you have to bend your quality expectations or waste your time to find the right price, is it even worth it?