What determines the cost of a vehicle wrap?

This has been a huge topic in the Nashville wrap market lately. How much does a vehicle wrap cost? What determines price? Why are your quotes from area companies so different? Well, with 11 years experience, here is my answer: everyone is different.

Wrap companies all run the basic formula for vehicle wraps:

  • Cost of materials
  • Installation time
  • Design

Some vary, but this is a good idea of how the formula for pricing breaks down. Some companies may say their wraps start at $1800; some might say theirs are $2800. Why such a difference!?!? It's the factors above and their variables.

Avery satin nero tundra wrap the wrap lab nashville

Material- are you getting quoted on a full, ½, ¼ wrap or spot graphics? Do you need window perforated film; are there multiple layers of vinyl? We may say wraps start at $1250, but that may be a partial ¼ wrap where the next shop quoted you $3100 for a full wrap with design and window perf. ASK QUESTIONS! Some tips to ask your wrap shop:

the wrap lab nashville projects car wraps vinyl wraps
  • What vinyl are you using? Is it high quality cast material?
  • Are you a certified installer? We hold Avery certifications here at The Wrap Lab Nashville in commercial, and Master certificates in color change and restyling wraps.
  • What coverage is included in the price?
  • Do you laminate your window perf? Some companies don't, and that decreases life span.
  • Where are the seams? Do you artistically place them so they aren't as noticeable?
  • What is your warranty on your work?
  • Does the price include disassembly and reassembly? Sometimes you need to remove pieces and external badges/mirrors/lights to make the wrap as seamless and clean; do they do that?   These questions qualify the cost. Find out if the quality of work you desire is coming from the cheapest wrap house, or is it bottom line for quick turnaround? Know your market, learn your wrap company services and make the best decision for you.  For a quote on a commercial wrap from the Wrap Lab Nashville, click the link below. We'd love to help you with your next wrap project!